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A New Relationship for a New Earth

In this episode, we take a look at the true golden age that's peeking over the horizon. It will arrive that much faster as human beings come home to the awareness that we ARE Nature.

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Nature Heals

In this episode, we take a look at the phenomenal healing power of Nature. We'll visit with just a few of the vast multitude of healing remedy plants and a way you can communicate directly with them.

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The Being in the Doing

In this episode, we examine the false spiritual division between 'being' in meditation, and 'doing' the activity of your daily life. True spirituality is when both are the same thing.

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Abundance IS Nature's Way

In this episode, we look at Nature's natural position, Limitless Abundance. How do we make our way back into the effortless flow of natural abundance - which is the hallmark of our own true nature?

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Healing the Waters: Inside & Out

In this episode, we look at a couple of bodies of water here on the farm, as we examine more closely what water is, and what it does, for us and for all living beings.

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Discover the Sacred Holiness of Vegetable Plants.

See past the identity of an "enemy," to embrace its true pristine sacredness.

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The Science of Practical Intuition with Dr. Rollin McCraty

We're talking about the 3 types of intuition & how the hearts receive information before the brain.

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The Global Consciousness Project: Conversations with Creator

Join Rollin McCraty & Dr. Roger Nelson for a message to aid in designing our future.

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The Glorious Life of Weeds... and the Pristine Dignity of Pests.

Join me for a brief trip down the rabbit hole as we take a look at Nature's elegant handiwork.

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Here we enter the Mysterious World of the Elementals...

Join me as we take a look at energetic communication with the natural world.

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Wisdom Direct from Nature: The Natural Scheme of Things.

A conversation about life, and love, and mankind's true place in the natural scheme of things.

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It's the Flow of Life Itself, and It's Sacred Purity is All-Encompassing.

It's so far beyond everything of this world, and yet it's here and operating all the time.

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Nature Exists on Two Simultaneous Frequency Bandwidths.

The mundane everyday world we recognize; and the shimmering divine pure love and life itself.

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The Mysterious Human Connection to the Sky & Influencing the Weather.

Explore your own infinite human potential more deeply & developing your relationship with the sky.

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